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The Bandwagon Fan

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Pats fans"(Photo by:AP)

This should be a letter to Dez Bryant...But, of course, we'll stall him out...preferring to talk to the "day one" superfan. Like myself, and other Raiders fans in the wake of our team leaving one of the great sports areas of the world, to uplift a bustling downtown Las Vegas.

The bandwagon fan is everywhere. No, seriously, there's a new fan catching on to the hype of your team sitting right next to you....and you know it. Of course....easy bait. You saved up all season to hit up a game, but stubhub jacked up the prices, giving the finger to your opportunity; as a couple hundred bucks flush down the drain, to sit up in the nose bleeds...Heartbreaking feeling. What's a "bandwagon" fan? 1. That person who never spoke of the sport, let alone team. then shows up out of nowhere with a jersey...Like everyone, who wants to be down. 2. Individuals who like the sport, but never had a favorite team. 3. Expats learning the sport throughout their academic, or professional sociology (as new local residents).

4. People who have friends or family playing for a team other than their favorite. 5. Adults who know nothing about the sport nor follow it, but are fans by family, or "location."

Now take a quick break, grab some water or something else...And come back. There is no better time to embrace bandwagon fans. A few reasons why 6. The bandwagon fan will spare you the draft results during the offseason. 7. Build a friendship by sharing your up to date ESPN app notification based knowledge 8. Important for the sport overall (too late, its now bigger than YOU, based on that last 150 you spent on your replica "gameday" jersey). 9. Love spreads. 10. Your three person tailgate can become a real thing (with a good cook? Fire playlist? Cornhole set?)....the endless possibilities are liking a post of their college newlywed friends selfie at the packers game. Love at first sight....too soon, gladly. So there you have it. Show love....to that guy....or lady(18 and over)who took your opportunity away (paying the 40% increase in prices, so its not that bad, right?) why should you pay more for a good product? Here come the instagram posts, or snap stories? We know, you're mad, as you and your die hard group of friends gather at your local hang out spot (which is now full of "strangers" with the Derek Carr jersey.) Before you 'move' someone with a slight nudge as you shuffle to the bar for a drink....try to get over your bad week at the gym with multiple complaints of hogging the bench....You don't lift? Ok.

Remember, there's nothing worse than a "die hard fan" that doesn't know $&#@ about football.

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