• By: Rafael Rice

Are Good Scouts a Dying Breed?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

How many times has a number one pick not lived up to the hype?

Let's make it easier.

How many times has a first or second rounder flopped?

Depending on who you ask; One might say it happens far too often these days.

When evaluating an athlete’s potential future based on its past...it is quite risky!

Several factors can contribute to the derailing of a top athlete such as injuries, age, off the field issues, coaching changes, etc.

Some factors are predictable, while some come with the territory.

Overall, to say that an athlete loses what is seemingly the invincibility that drew them the attention in the first place is preposterous.

We must go to the source of the hype and those buying it to make the irrational decision to blow a high pick and lots of cash on.

The scouts need to start doing their homework to ensure the front office isn't humiliated by poor decisions due to the lack of due diligence present on the lower level.

Moral of the story here is ease up on players not living up to the hype.

Let's point the finger at who thought the player was worth the hype.

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