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Whats Smoke got to do with it?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

A common discussion in American Society today is the legalization of marijuana. With American football being the most popular sport in society, it is only right that the people (the NFL) keep up with the times.

As we are seeing technological and gameplay of the sport progress through the years, marijuana usage is a topic that needs more strength and conditioning.

When we think Performance Enhancing Drugs usually the first thing to come to mind is steroid usage. Then perhaps the use of Human Growth Hormones (HGH). Both of which are known to increase muscle mass rapidly, not only affecting the human body physically but psychologically also.

THC is starting to be known more for its healing effects and relaxing abilities, allowing a human to partake in a natural substance.

With it being legalized in some states for recreational use, why not legalize it in the NFL while monitoring the usage?

Obviously, one can not be a complete "stoner" or "pothead" to perform at a high level. However, a puff here or there, in private, sure enough isn't hurting anybody.

Except, players like Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns(pictured below) missed all last season for substance abuse, and recently has been suspended for the upcoming season for another failed test.

It's looking like the league doesn't know the call here, yet.

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