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Tailgate Crashing Starter Kit

You've got tickets in hand to attending your first pro football game and you want the full experience! The problem is you and your friends heard of the word "tailgate" for the first time right after you purchased your tickets. After facebook status updates, and instagram captions "who's at the game" as you show off your good seats. You hear through a third party(friend of a friend) that people are tailgating and you should "crash" What do you do?? Wanna be cool like the guy in the photo? Here are 5 easy things you can bring with you to crash a tailgate to enhance your experience, and leave with invites to future tailgates!

1. A substantial amount of meat or veggies for the grill.

Good tailgates dont need more food, but additional asada / corn will definitely take you a long way.

2. 24 pack of Beer

Everybody's drinking.

3. A killer playlist (about 2 hours worth of mixed songs)

Depending on when you get there, the music is key to winning the day through tailgating.

4. Appropriate gear to fit in with others cheering for the same team.

Make a small effort to dress the part, for your own safety.

5. Handle of tequila / Rum / Vodka or Liquor of choice.

Again, everybody's drinking