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QB Position declining?

Photo by:(AP Gene Puskar)

The QB position is only as good as it's leagues investment. In week two of the season, everyone is hyped. Fans everywhere are excited to snap that photo in their new Russ Wilson Jersey. Fantasy leauges every where probably drafing 3 or 4 QBs in its first round. And as we speak of Russ, He looks great from under center, although he hasn't looked so good winning ball games. While everyone is screaming about the style of offense and playcalling, we should be keeping an eye on the position vs. the system closer than ever.

Since 2009, we seen more than 30 drafted QB's struggle in the pro game moving out of spread offenses. Now that the league is moving more to the spread, why still a bottleneck in development?

As we watch our top QB's sprinkle the news with injury, along with the saga in D.C. with RGIII, Whats happening to the QB position??

Blogs and articles everywhere discsuss how too much shotgun/spread playbook training at the college level, hides the true development potential of an explosive college athlete. What would be some of the dis connects between offensive coaches, front office and the physical athletic sklls of the individual contributor(player).

What should fans expect going forward with the future of the spread offense? can we see a fully solid game play with the new direction before a "new" style comes along(or goes back to traditional formations)

I guess our question is, when will the NFL fully invest in this knew production package called the spread offense?

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