Basketball is a team sport comprised of both offense and defense. As long as you have at least two players a game of basketball can commence. Games can consist of teams of as low as one player all the way up to five players.


The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible while holding the opposing team to as least points as possible.   




Point Guard- Great ball handler, sets up and runs the offensive play, mentality is generally pass first shoot second. Often shortest player by height in the lineup.


Shooting Guard- Average to above average ball handler, above average shooter, plays around the perimeter of the court, 


Small Forward- Average Ball Handler, Average shooter, plays around perimeter and around basket, stronger and taller build than guards. 


Power Forward-


Center- Below average ball handler, tallest player on the team, plays around the basket, sets screens, primary rebounder, 


Ways to Score:


Free Throw - (1 point) - Uncontested shot from a designated line around 9 feet in front of the basket.


Dunk / Layup - (2 points) - The closest shot that can be attempted, least degree of difficulty, very high percentage in completion.


Jumpshot - (2 points) - Regular attempt at a basket from anywhere on the court.


Three Point Shot - (3 points) - A jump shot from behind a designated perimeter marking on the court




Traveling- More than two consecutive steps without dribbling the ball. 


Foul- Illegal contact during any time of regulation play.




Illegal Screen-


Shot Clock Violation-


3 in the key - More than three seconds in the box surrounding the basket. 


Defensive 3 Seconds-

Ways to Defend:


Block / Rejection -


Steal - 


Force Shot Clock Violation -




Foul -


Defensive 3 Seconds 


Key Terms

Handles -


Dribble - Bouncing the ball straight up and down under control with one of your hands consecutively


Crossover -


Between the legs - 


Pass- (bounce / chest / skip)


Euro Step - 


D (Stick / Check)  -


Key / Paint -


Alley Oop / Lob -


Buckets -


Step Back - 


Drive to the Hole - 


Flop - 


Trap - 


Press -