Basics: Soccer/Fútbol


Basics: Soccer

What is Fútbol?- a two team game comprised of 11 people per team. The overall objective is to score a goal and too keep the other team from scoring.


How Long does a game last?

The game is 90 minutes in length, consisting of two 45 minute halves.


Kick off starts the game and the winner of the coin toss gets to choose what end of the field they would like to defend or to start with the ball.


In soccer players must use only their feet to control the ball. The only player granted use of hands is the goalkeeper. (Or player throwing ball in from side)


If the ball touches or exceeds the sideline a player from the team not responsible for the ball going out of play will then throw it back in.


When the ball goes out of the end line a player will then kick it in from a designated spot in the corner of the field.


Free kicks and penalties are given to victims of fouls or offenses committed by the opposing team.


The team with the most points at the end of regulation time wins.


If the score is tied at the end of regulation additional minutes will he added to the clock. If still tied, each team will shoot free kicks until a team wins.