We're for the people who want a start to expand their knowledge of American Football and other popular sports, that bring millions of people together. We start with the basics, and keep it there. Whether you're new to sports, or a longtime fan, our obsession for sports culture inspires us to create and share original content that aims to inspire new viewers to learn just enough, to enjoy! Remember, it ain't that deep. 



We write to our community with dialogue on various sports, fitness, education, and updates on what we're working on! Got something to say? Drop us a line!



We speak to the basics, and selected discussion points, also craft short videos on training basics; as we can hear further elaborate on all sides to enjoying the in's and out's of sports culture.



Learn the basics of the sport. Show up to any function and #knowcall. Don't have a favorite team, Don't matter.  


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Keep up with the basics with our mobile app. Nothing more, no instructions needed. Reference everything around the game, anytime at your fingertips. American Football is up first, follow our progress in the blog!

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